As a small business owner in New York City, you have a lot of things on your plate, and you tend to wear a lot of hats. Ideally, you would be able to focus all of your energies on running your business, but in this age of relying on technology to get business done, you also have needed to be your own IT expert. Unfortunately, this is all too common, and usually results in business leaders being spread too thin, not being as effective as they could be, and important IT (information technology) issues being cast aside, creating vulnerabilities that criminals could take advantage of. This is where Five Nines Consulting can come to your rescue! We work with small businesses throughout New York City, providing managed IT services at a fraction of the cost to your business compared to employing your own in-house IT department. You’ll get all of the benefits of an in-house IT team without having to pay their salaries! 

If you’re doing your best to run your company in New York, but your technology accommodations and security measures are leaving a lot to be desired, you need to contact us immediately. Here are 10 warning signs that your business is in need of our managed IT services and cybersecurity solutions.

Your Computers Take Too Long to Boot Up

Nothing grinds business to a halt faster than a computer that seems to enjoy taking its precious time booting up. Time spent waiting for your technology to be operable is time wasted — time that could’ve been otherwise spent making a profit for your business. 

Slow computers can be indications of several problems. Certain programs on computers can slow down their operation to a snail’s pace. It’s also possible that malicious software, viruses, or registry errors are turning your computers into very expensive paperweights. An experienced and trained IT professional can get to the bottom of your slow computers quickly, getting your systems up and running, and able to function at the speed of your business. 

Widespread Internet Connection Issues

Regularly losing connection to the internet in today’s fast-paced digital marketplace can send you rocketing back to the Stone Age in a hurry. Not being able to access the internet is simply unacceptable for businesses to properly function. 

Did you know your own firewall might be the problem? You might also be having issues with your router. These types of issues are an IT professional’s bread and butter. We’re problem solvers and we know connectivity problems like the back of our hands. We can take a fine-toothed comb to your entire network to make sure that everything is operating as it should, we’ll ensure that your own firewalls aren’t impeding your business, and that all of your hardware is up-to-date and able to handle your company needs. 

Programs Frequently Freeze or Lock Up

Occasionally, even the most dependable systems can fail or lock up. Usually, it’s not something to really be worried about. Now, if these types of failures are happening on a regular, even daily basis? Now you should be concerned. Important software that freezes or locks up is often an indication that your system is failing to win its battle against a virus or malware program. We can quickly and accurately diagnose these types of software problems in your systems. 

Your Business is Looking to Save Money

We made reference to this earlier in this post, but hiring a managed IT services company that isn’t a part of your in-house team can be a huge money-saver. An in-house team requires expenses like providing for their office spaces, benefits, salaries, vacation pay, and more. While that may be convenient, it’s not a very cost-effective solution for a small business. Hiring an IT consulting firm like Five Nines means that you’ll only need to pay for the services you actually need and use regularly. And in the event that something unexpected happens, you’ll still have all of the IT experts at your disposal that the big companies have, but at a fraction of the cost. It’s truly a win-win for everyone! It’s certainly a better alternative to losing thousands of dollars due to system downtime, lost business, or catastrophic data loss. 

Get IT Services in NYC That You Can Trust

We want to see your small business succeed here in the greatest city in America. Small businesses are what make New York the incredible place of opportunity that it is! To keep reading, click right here to go to Part 2 of this article, or you can skip all that and contact us right now! We look forward to working with you and helping your business grow.

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