IT Solutions for Off-Site Employees in New York Metro Area

Extra Security While Working from Home

With an increasing amount of New York’s workforce migrating to working remotely or from home, the need is greater than ever for IT support that maintains security and manages user experience that can accommodate these special circumstances. Five Nines Consulting can provide your small or medium-sized business with the remote IT services it needs to continue functioning efficiently and safely when it is no longer under the umbrella of safety it may have once had. To schedule your no-obligation assessment, contact Five Nines Consulting in NYC today.



When your workforce is working remotely, Five Nines Consulting IT solutions can help prevent these risks to your company’s cyber security framework:

  • VPN Brute Force Attacks
  • Virus and Malware Attacks
  • Phishing Attempts
  • Malicious Downloads
  • Bypassing of Multi-Factor Authentication Measures
  • Insider Threats to Your Company
  • And more

VPN Security

When your company has a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, it enables your employees to access information remotely from your business’s personal network. While a VPN is essential for remote workers to safely share and download data within the company, it can also be a target for malicious cyber security threats. Five Nines Consulting is proud to offer several VPN support services to improve performance and set up defenses against cyber attacks on your network. We’re also happy to help troubleshoot your VPN when employees have issues gaining access or remaining connected.

Connectivity Issues

Being able to effectively communicate with your fellow employees and your company leadership is vital, especially when you’re having to work remotely. When your network is failing you or you’re having other connectivity issues that are preventing your workforce from performing effectively, Five Nines Consulting is able to offer IT solutions to get your business up and running.

Cyber Security Measures

With a larger number of companies in New York moving their workforce off-site to work remotely, the risk of becoming a target for cyber attacks has never been higher. While companies may have been relatively safe when all of their employees were under one roof and behind the same firewall, isolated individuals can present cracks in the armor of your defenses. Five Nines Consulting is able to provide IT solutions that greatly decrease the likelihood of cyber attacks threatening your business and putting you in an even more precarious financial situation. Our IT services and educational awareness training will help to ensure that your New York business will survive whatever situation forces it to work remotely.

WIth businesses increasingly moving towards a remote workforce, now more than ever, it is imperative that you are protected. Let us give you the peace of mind knowing that you and your employees are protected. 

Working from home

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With Five Nines Consulting, your business will have the benefit of advanced IT services without having to hire an in-house IT team. Our experienced team excels at evolving with the digital culture and providing technical solutions to keep small businesses functioning here in New York. It is more important than ever that your small business invests in protecting itself, and we firmly believe that we can provide these protective services in a way that no one else can in the New York area. For a free assessment of your workforce’s remote security needs, contact us today.