IT Solutions for Off-Site Employees in New York City

The year 2020 has seen the largest shift to off-site, remotely working employees in the history of modern New York. For public health and safety, practically all businesses that can have employees work from home have been forced to adapt quickly. Because of this, the potential for cyber attacks has never been higher for small and medium-sized businesses in our city. The workplace dynamic has dramatically shifted and now relies heavily on virtual private networks (VPNs) and cloud-based data storage. 

Without the proper IT precautions to keep your business working safely and smoothly, you may be opening yourself up to a dangerous cyber attack, further compromising your entire workforce. Fortunately, helping small businesses in New York with reliable, individualized IT solutions is what Five Nines Consulting is passionate about. Make no mistake — your small business has always been at risk from cyber threats, and now those attacks are more likely than ever before because of compromised networks and gaps in security measures. Learn more about what these threats look like, and how Five Nines Consulting can help you.

VPN Attacks

Since the beginning of March 2020, companies that rely on a VPN for working remotely from home have increased by over 33%. Cyber attackers see this as an ever-expanding menu of small businesses to take advantage of and exploit. Many of these businesses have poorly maintained VPNs, and have left themselves practically exposed to external threats to valuable company data and customer information. In order to reduce overhead costs or to streamline employee processes, many business owners have loosened or otherwise completely removed the security measures that an IT team would put in place. This is akin to leaving your front door unlocked and wide open for cyber criminals. 

Phishing Schemes

Cyber criminals will waste absolutely no time in creating phishing schemes to take advantage of small businesses and prey on people’s fears regarding the current world state. Recently, there has been a spike of fraudulent COVID-19 “maps” and false medical suppliers that make you believe you’re buying something helpful, when they’re actually getting you to download harmful malware and compromise your security. These cruel tactics are an unfortunate reality of today’s digital realm, and your employees need to be able to spot a phishing scheme when they see it.

Malicious Downloads

Similar to phishing schemes, malicious downloads, especially when they’re included in an email from someone posing as an individual you trust, can wreak havoc on your network. Many commercially available remote-working applications for business are beginning to get taken advantage of by attackers. These programs can be unknowingly infiltrated by attackers who ask for permissions from your employees to gain access to sensitive data, all while posing as a non-descript app or program. The moment they acquire your permissions, the attacker has access to all of your files and sensitive information.

Bypassing Security Measures

Attackers can get fairly creative in the ways that they attempt to steal your information. Most secure networks require a multi-factor authentication process to allow access, which is normal. Cyber thieves have been known to create very convincing-looking fake log-in pages in an attempt to steal your credentials and get around multi-factor authentication systems. If attackers are successful in retrieving your information, they could soon have free reign over all of your internal and customer data, even going so far as to cripple your system and demand a ransom to unlock it. 

Additionally, your employees may be using wi-fi networks in their personal residences that are not adequately secure and can easily be accessed by cyber criminals. Without an IT solutions team to ensure that all of your business’s networks are secure enough for use, you could be susceptible to a data breach.

Insider Threats (Intentional or Otherwise)

Most of the time, threats to your business’s security from your own employees happens unintentionally. In an effort to make their own experience easier or out of their distrust for your current network security, employees may download sensitive company data to an unsecured device. When this vital information is taken out of the control of the company as a whole and the IT solutions team that may be helping them, it can become irreparably compromised. Employee education from professional, expert IT providers can help alleviate fears that contribute to this behavior and put your company at risk.

Protect Your Small Business from Cyber Threats While Working Remotely

Five Nines Consulting is committed to bring dependable, fast, and effective IT solutions to the small and medium-sized businesses here in New York City, regardless of what the current working conditions look like. Being a small business, it may not be practical or affordable to maintain an in-house IT team. As a business-owner, you have enough on your plate and you shouldn’t also have to be your company’s personal IT tech. The solution that Five Nines Consulting provides is to give these services to your business affordably, and without having to add us to your payroll. Our IT services are available to you as you need them, and will be tailored to your specific business. 

Having dependable IT services doesn’t have to be a pipe-dream. Now more than ever, it is important that your small business is protected from growing cyber threats. Contact Five Nines Consulting today for your small business in the New York City area for a free assessment. We’ll determine what your remote workforce needs to be able to operate safely and securely, minimizing your risk from a devastating cyber attack.

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