5 Reasons IT Security Consulting Matters for Small Businesses

One of the biggest challenges facing small and medium-sized businesses in New York is having the resources, time, or available expertise to defend against the latest cyber threats. As a small business owner, your plate is full of all of the responsibilities defined by that title, and sometimes that includes being your own IT professional. This shouldn’t be the way you’re forced to operate. Running your business is already a full-time position, and worrying about the state of your company’s IT defenses shouldn’t be something you need to take on alone. That’s where Five Nines Consulting comes in — it’s our mission to provide the small businesses in Long Island and the surrounding areas of New York City with IT security solutions that are tailored to your budget and needs. 

Not every business can afford to have a full-time in-house IT security team. With Five Nines, you can have all of the benefits of an in-house team without the added expense of providing a full-time salary. We work with several small businesses to provide customized plans of IT solutions, including IT security systems. In addition to taking the burden of IT services off of your own shoulders, consider these five reasons for utilizing our IT consulting services:

Security Assessment & Plan of Action

The cyber landscape is ever-changing and evolving, and staying ahead of the latest threats requires a team of professionals that is well-versed in tracking and defending against these attacks. Our team at Five Nines can perform security assessments for your business to analyze new risks, potential threats, and existing vulnerabilities that could harm your technology infrastructure. 

In our role as IT security consultant, we’re able to assess and address several things for your company:

  • Your ability to detect and respond to cyber threats
  • The physical security architecture and its weak points
  • Effectiveness of security policies in regards to your company’s security strategy
  • Formulate a comprehensive security solution to meet your business goals

Our role as IT security consultants for your company reach much further than these four bullet points, but they should provide you with an overall view of what our focus will be as IT service providers, and that we’re able to evolve and adapt your IT system to prevent attacks and remain secure.

Get the Most Protection for Your Investment

The first thing that many business owners think when they hear the words “security services” is “how much is this going to cost me?” Improperly managed IT services can be a money sink — however, IT security solutions, when properly scaled for return on investment (ROI), can be a business accelerator. What your business’s CEO or board of directors are really looking for is a provable ROI that shows IT security services are a worthwhile pursuit (and with our rates at Five Nines, that won’t be a hard sell.) 

Having a security consulting team working with your business means that you’ll have professionals that can build long-term security pathways that accelerate a proper ROI. Five Nines does this by working closely and continuously with your business to understand your goals, objectives, and other factors that help to advance your company. We can align your objectives to a specific IT solution that addresses all of the latest cybersecurity threats, including up-to-date antivirus protection, cloud solutions, and more.

Supplement Your In-House IT Services

If you happen to already have an in-house team, it is likely that they have their hands full with other current projects. In these instances, our IT security consulting professionals can act as a supplement and provide reasonable solutions for your business to prevent modern threats. 

We can offer specialized IT services, including security architecture, cyber threat detection, and prompt response to cyberattack incidents. Consultants have the advantage of having worked with hundreds of different clients over a number of years and have a firm grasp on the latest in security technology. With our breadth of experience, we can develop a security strategy that is tailor-made for your business’s unique environment and needs. 

Regulation Compliance

IT security consulting firms should be superheroes to small businesses, especially when it comes to dealing with the spectrum of regulations and compliance measures that are required from entities with large acronyms for names. This includes compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability), FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act), GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), and several others. 

As technology changes, so do the compliance and regulation requirements that may impact your business. An IT security consulting firm can help to translate and manage these requirements and provide a roadmap for doing so.

Seasoned Defense from Modern Cyber Attacks

With decades of experience in cybersecurity and addressing cyber threats, Five Nines Consulting is well-versed in determining the proper remedies for risks and vulnerabilities for your small New York business. Having a knowledgeable cybersecurity team on your side will go a long way toward helping you feel confident that you’ve lowered your overall risk of attack. 

The fact that you’re reading this is evidence that you know IT cybersecurity is essential, but the real question is when or how you’ll face a security incident in the future, and is it worth the investment. Our security consulting services will help your company reach a mature security environment, which is something that many small businesses don’t take advantage of. We know the damage that can be done to companies that are ill-prepared for a cyberattack — it’s for this reason that we’re determined to help ensure that your business is prepared for and can survive such a security violation. In the end, it could make all the difference. 

Five Nines IT Security Consulting In New York City

Contact our team in NYC today to speak to a professional IT consultant! We look forward to protecting your small business for years to come.

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