Cloud Solutions for Your Small Business

Welcome to Part 2 of Five Nines Consulting’s deep dive into the benefits of cloud-based solutions for small businesses. If you haven’t already, we’d like to invite you to read Part 1 here. At Five Nines Consulting in New York City, it is our singular goal to provide small- and medium-sized businesses with the same quality of IT solutions that big companies have access to, and provide it in such a way that it’s financially possible and sustainable. That said, let’s continue to explore the benefits that a cloud-based IT solution will provide to your business. 

Collaboration Facilitation 

Cloud computing services make in-house collaboration simpler than ever before. Via the cloud, your company members can share and view information easily and securely. Your employees can work as if they are in the same room together, even if they are separated by miles, cities, or entire continents. 

Quality Control in Your Hands

Consistency is key to staying organized and maintaining a high standard of quality in any business. In a cloud-based computing system, all documents are stored in a single location and in a uniform format. When all authorized personnel has access to the same documents, it’s much simpler to maintain consistency, avoid errors, and have a concise history of revisions. 

Disaster Recovery Measures

This is something that we at Five Nines feel the need to emphasize — if you’re not adequately investing in disaster recovery measures, you’re doing your business a great disservice. Even with the most robust security systems in place, unforeseen events can occur that are completely outside of your control, and systems can fail. Such downtimes can result in damage to your productivity, your revenue, and your reputation.

While disasters will most certainly occur at some point, the effectiveness of your aftermath strategy is what will save the day. Cloud-based services provide fast data recovery in almost any emergency scenario, often in as little as a few hours. The same cannot be said for companies that do not have such measures in place. 

Prevent Loss of Critical Data

Absent a cloud-based solution, all of your company’s valuable data is stored solely in the on-site office computers. Most days, this won’t be a problem — until it is. Should your equipment suffer a hardware malfunction, either through computer viruses, age, human error, or even theft, you could be up the creek without a paddle. Without a cloud backup, your company is at risk of losing the entirety of your stored data. A cloud solution completely rectifies this problem. 

Regular Software Updates for Security

How often have you started up your software, only to be greeted with a software update notification? How many times have you clicked “remind me later?” Cloud-based applications automatically refresh and auto-update themselves on a regular basis, meaning that you won’t need to spend valuable time waiting for a program to update.

Competitive Edge for Your Small Business

Being a small business owner, you are probably familiar with other businesses wanting to “keep everything local.” While that is every company owner’s choice to make, the advent of cloud services puts those companies at a distinct technological and competitive disadvantage. The earlier that your company adopts advanced tech, the further along the innovation curve your company will be by the time your competitors follow suit. 

Sustainable Solution

A real action plan for sustainability requires that businesses do everything they can to address wastefulness at every level. Cloud-based hosting is environmentally friendly and leaves an exponentially smaller carbon footprint than traditional methods of data storage. Using a cloud service means less reliance on hardware and paper, improved efficiency in energy usage, and a reduction in computer-based emissions. 

Cloud Services in New York City and Beyond

We hope that this exploration into the benefits of cloud services for your small business has made it clear how Five Nines Consulting can help your company thrive in the digital age. For your free company assessment, contact us today and we’ll get started providing you all the IT tools that you need to be protected in the modern era. We provide our services in and around New York City, including Mineola and Larchmont. We look forward to speaking with you!

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